Baby Falls Asleep Right On The Floor, Now Watch What The Puppy Does!

This is the sweetest picture of innocence: a baby who is charmingly oblivious to the world, and a rescue puppy who just cannot stay awake. It’s one of those videos that just makes you feel warm all over.

With the baby sleeping inches in front of him, this puppy is fighting the entire video to keep his eyes open. Finally, it’s too much to handle; he has to go sleep. When he chooses where to rest his head, it is the most tender, innocent moment, occurring right on top of the baby’s head.

Cue the heartwarming “awwwwwww.” As one of the Youtube commenters, Jademoon25, says, “this is the single cutest thing I have seen in my life!”

As we grow older we often lose our precious innocence and even begin to view innocence as ignorance.

Albert Camus said, “Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.”  In simple words: we long to be innocent and it drives (even in strange ways) a lot of what we do.

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