Nail Biting Killed This Man! Will You Continue Biting Your Nails After Reading This?

People believe that nail biting is just a sign of nervousness and anxiety. Even though this might sound unbelievable to you, nail bite can be a cause of many other problems and sometimes it could even have a fatal ending like death.

Make sure to stop biting your nails, or help others while it’s not too late.

The man who couldn’t stop biting his nails is John Gardner who is a 40-year-old man and still has this bad habit. Even when the doctor prohibited him to bite his nails, he continued doing that which led him to a painful septic infection and a heart attack.

This habit is really dangerous. The doctors explain that he have been biting his nails until they started bleeding, which is why his fingers were ruined and became insensitive to pain. The major causes for this habit were anxiety and depression.

As Dr. Vernon explained, John’s nails were always in a poor condition and they were bleeding very often.

After a while, the initial bleeding became worse which is why one of those wounds got a septic infection. The doctor gave him antibiotics which couldn’t help him and eventually his fingers were amputated. After the surgery, John felt good for some time, but it didn’t last for long. The surgeon explained that only a few days after John’s 40th birthday, he had a heart attack due to a septic infection.

“This wasn’t expected – said Jean Gardener (John’s mother) – it hit us really hard, I don’t want this happen to anyone, this is a real tragedy.”

As you can see, biting nails is not just an asthetic issue, but it can lead to more serious and life-threatening problems, so you should stop doing that and advice other people not to do that as well.

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