Dog Started To Overprotect The baby . Parents Putted A Camera And Found Out The Shocking Truth! (VIDEO )

They noticed that their dog is behaving extremely protective towards their son , especially when the babysitter was being in their house . Benjamin and Hope hired Alexis Kan , 22 years as a nanny for their seven years old son , Fin . The parents from South Caroline took all the right steps and precautions for the best care of their baby . However , they noticed that their dog was acting weirdly protective around Fin when Kan comes in their house every day .



Killian , the name of the dog , was getting aggressive with the babysitter until one day , Benjamin and Hope decided to fallow their instincts because they felt like something was wrong . Hope putted her iPhone under the couch and recorded everything that was happening in their home when they weren’t at the house . After listening and seeing what was on the phone , they were scared and couldn’t believe what they saw . They heard slapping , crying and shouting . Kan was abusing the child and the behaviors of the dog lead them to the truth . Who knows for how long this could be going on and on if it wasn’t for their dog ? Kan was convicted for 3 years jail and was registered for child abuse .


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