Drink Glass Of Water At 6:00 AM: The Whole World Is Going Crazy About This! Find Out Why!

In this article we will reveal you in which way you can help your body to stay healthy, prevent numerous diseases and stay in a good shape. This simple trick will change your life. All you have to do is to drink a glass of water every day in the morning the minute you wake up.

This simple trick should become habit to every one of us because the list of health benefits when it comes to drinking a glass of water on a daily basis in the morning is very long. During their researches, the medical experts have also discovered that drinking a glass of water every morning will improve your health in so many different levels.

This water therapy is also known as Japanese water therapy and it has been discovered that it is highly effective and extremely useful in preventing numerous different health conditions like the following ones: it reduces colitis, migraine, chest pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, and it also helps to eliminate the high blood cholesterol (LDL).

Here’s what you need to do: 

The minute you wake up in the morning, you should drink 650 ml of water which is about 4 glasses of water. Make sure to avoid drinking tap water, unless you can purify it in all natural way which includes using some herbs. Distilled water is the best choice for this therapy. Another way is to add some minerals in it, like one tsp of baking soda.
Remember not to exceed this amount as it can cause you harm if you increase the dosage. Another important thing we should mention is that you shouldn’t push yourself, if you can’t drink 4 glasses as once, then you should drink as much as you can and slowly increase the amount day by day. After 45 minutes, you can start your morning routine – breakfast or brush your teeth.

Moreover, it is also recommended to drink at least 1 glass of water before every meal during the day and don’t drink anything else 2 hours after each meal.

Your overall health will be significantly improved is you follow these tips. The Medical Society in Japan claims that in order to relieve gastric problems and constipation, you should repeat this method for ten days. When it comes to lowering high blood pressure and preventing diabetes, 30 days are required, 3 days for arthritis and even 90 days for tuberculosis.

Besides drinking a lot of water, you also need to be more physically active. The combination of drinking water and doing exercise on a daily basis will make you feel much healthier and energized.

Source: tophealthylifeadvices.com

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