Lose 5kg. In 10 Days! Try This Revolutionary Diet

Beauty is very important in today’s society. Some people were born beautiful, but others work hard to achieve it. Everyone can have the body of their dreams if they do what’s necessary. The perfect body is a stereotype which everyone wants to have, so millions of people are trying hard to do it by using expensive weight loss products that don’t always work. Most of these diets and weight loss methods lack medical supervision, but luckily for you, we will show you a natural way to lose a lot of weight in just a short time.

The inventor of this diet is a doctor who lived well over 100. Dr. Fyodor Uglov was a well-known Russian doctor who wrote several books on the method and how it affects our health. Here’s his diet plan:

First breakfast – 9 AM

A cup of organic coffee sweetened with honey

Second breakfast – 11 AM

One egg and 8 plums

Lunch – 1 PM

200 gr. of boiled beef of chicken meat

A bowl of cabbage, carrot, tomato or cucumber salad

1 orange or 1 apple

Dinner – 8 PM

30 gr. of cheese

1 apple or orange

Eat your dinner at least an hour before going to bed and exercise regularly for best results. It’s important to drink at least 2 l. of water for the duration of the diet.

Source :  www.healthyfoodvision.com

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