FINALLY BREATHE: Clean Your LUNGS Completely NATURAL In Just 72 Hours!

One of the major diseases that affect the most people at the present time is a toxin that affects the lungs. Unfortunately, you do not have to be a smoker to run the risk of contracting diseases related to the lungs. Therefore, cleaning the lungs from time to time can be a way to prevent respiratory disorders.

These are some of the ways:

  • Drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed.
  • Drink a pineapple juice or grapefruit during the day. They contain natural antioxidants that strengthen the airways.
  • Carrot juice between breakfast and lunch encourages the pH levels in the blood and in turn promotes the process of detoxification of the lungs.
  • Plum, grapefruit and orange juice contain particularly large quantities of potassium, which perfectly support the body while cleaning.
  • The best tip to clean the lungs is to boil water and add sea salt. Let it boil. Put a towel on your head and take a deep breath for 5-10 minutes.

In addition, we propose you to try this carrot recipe and get rid of the phlegm from the lungs and cure the cough.

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