They Put A Camera In This Elderly Woman’s Apartment and Reveals What She Does When Alone At Home

Everybody Meet Mary Tony

You have  never heard of her, but there are woman like her all over the world. She’s elderly, but still alive.


A film crew called Voyager visited Tony in her apartment to document what the life of a 98-year-old senior citizen is like. She doesn’t have significant interaction with her immediate family and for the most part is all alone.

“I don’t mind. What am I going to do? Where could I go? I am by myself,” Tony responds when the crew asks if she likes her living situation. Her biggest struggle is how she can pass the time, without being completely bored.


“You know what I do? Don’t laugh,” Tony explains, “I get junk mail, I strip it. And after I strip it I cut it up small, put it in a bag and put it for garbage.” She then chuckles before admitting, “I have to do something; otherwise I’d go nuts.” Someone really needs to introduce her to and Facebook.


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Source: damnmagazine

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