8 Awesome Ways To Make Your V@gina Smell Good

V@ginal smell is that common problem that almost every woman has to deal. There is a number of reasons for a bad smell of v@gina such as yeast infection, hormonal changes, bacterial growth, bad hygiene, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Down the line, the fishy odor is caused by bacterial vaginosis. If it is due to infection, then you may know it by its symptoms like itching, irritation, redness in the area.

Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy to cure vaginal odor. It will not only remove your fishy odor but will restore the acidic quality of vaginal flora. You can have a hot water bath with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar for about 20 minutes. Better, if you drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily.

Given below are some of the tactics that will help you out.

1. Avoid red meat.

As it makes you sweat more and it makes your vagina smell just within 2 hours after consuming it.

2. Love the pineapple juice

This tropical fruit can help you sweeten the smell of your asset.

3. Adore yogurt.

Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus bacteria which helps in fighting vaginal odor. It also restores the normal pH level. For better results, have 2 cups of unsweetened plain yogurt daily.

4. Amazing wet wipes.

Wet wipes come in various amazing fragrance. You can use wet wipes to make your vagina smell good.

5. Keep your undies clean.

This is a MUST.

6. Healthy diet…healthy you!

Yeast infection causes the musky smell of vagina. Healthy diet repels such kind of infection.

7. Have some tea.

It’s an old remedy, you can rinse your vagina with some tea. You can prefer mint or peppermint!

8. Visit gynaecologist.

Visit gynecologists on a regular basis, not only for vaginal odor but for vaginal health as well.

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