7 Fashion Statements That Are Ruining Your Health Slowly, #6 Is Horrible!

It’s great to be fashionable, but not when it risks your health.

Believe it or not! Your fashion style affects your health to a great extent. Before buying any outfits, foot wears or accessories, you must give a thought about their long-term effects on your health. It is better to choose something that looks decent and feels comfortable as well. So, let’s check out these 8 fashion statements that are extremely bad for your health and make sure to refrain from them.

1) Skinny denims

Undoubtedly, skinny jeans provide a hot look to your body but its prolonged use can cause abdominal discomfort, swelling and even yeast infection. So, it is definitely not a good idea to don skinny jeans every day. Don your boyfriend jeans as they look quite cool and are comfortable too.

2) Corset

Wearing a corset can weaken abdominal muscles, cause breathing problems and create acid reflux. There is also no guarantee of waist shrinkage by wearing them.

3) Heavy dangly earrings

Frequent usage of heavy dangly earrings can cause permanent damage to your earlobes. The heavy weight of the earrings can stretch and thin out your ears. The presence of nickel in cheap metallic earrings can even cause allergic reactions in your skin.

4) High heels

Wearing high heels is not at all good for health. It causes immense discomfort and damage to your ankles. According to a study, conducted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, long term usage of high heels cause instability and weakening of ankle muscles. It might also cause ligament and nerve damage in the ankle leading to problems in the legs and back.

5) Flats

It is a little-known fact that wearing flats is also bad for your feet. The lack of cushioning or support in ballet flats can lead to heel pain. So, it is better to replace flats with sneakers as they are trendy and comfortable too.

6) Thong underwear

The chances of vaginal infections are observed more in the women donning thong undergarments. As these types of underwear are not made up of cotton, they get continuously rub on your skin including your back and front side. Continuous rubbing on the body causes tiny tears in the skin which get easily inhabited by bacteria.

7) Heavy bags

Undoubtedly, large and heavy bags can accommodate a lot of stuff but they aren’t good for your posture. Dr. Scott Schreiber explained, “The increased weight to one side of the body can wreak havoc, causing muscle imbalances, pain and loss of balance.”

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