8 Ways To Make Your Man Happy While Making Love

“How to make love” is one of the most popular questions that is asked on the Internet. People seem to be perplexed when it comes to choosing the right ways to satisfy the physical needs of their partners.

We have come up with a news that there can be some ways which can surely help you.

#1 Scratch

Show your wider side and he will love it.

#2 Biting his ear!

Just start it with biting his ear and he will be aroused to a different level.

#3 Play Hide and Seek!

Just hide yourself under your bed when he is still sleeping in morning, and grab his feet as soon as he steps down the bed.

#4 “Chipotle Burrito” has got a ring to it!

Go close to his ear and say this word just when he is at peak of his feelings.

#5 Lipstick moves

Put lipstick marks and make him move towards a toaster or anywhere you want.

#6 The heart shape!

Use your lipstick to make a heart on the mirror of your washroom or bedroom.

#7 Look like a “Chipotle Burrito”

This food really has a superb name and taste.

#8 The mermaid look

Wrap your bottom in a way that it looks like a mermaid fin. Share the cozy information with your friends.

Source: www.wittyfeed.com

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