The day when she married him was the happiest in her life. And then her husband became her nightmare!

bucaLyzet (25) was madly in love with her boyfriend when got married. Then they got their little girl, and Lyzet got excess weight during pregnancy. When she gave birth, she went on to a bunch of weight. When the thing got out of control, Jose began to torment her. He constantly called her “fat” and in every way he downgraded her self confidence.

– I tried to initiate sex sometimes, and he would only demonstratively turned away and fell asleep. She realized that he would be disgusted and while he slept peacefully, I’d spent the night in tears – says Lyzet. With no support in anyone, he found her in even more food. She came to the jeans size 54, and she finally found out that her husband was cheating her.

lizetShe suffered humiliation for years, but it was over. She decided to take action.

– I often caught him looking at me with disgust. While I’d had dinner, and the food crumbled in the stomach, he would muttered to himself, but loud enough for me to hear, “thick”. One day he even called me elephant. I desperately wanted to lose weight and again be pretty girl he fell in love with, but I never had enough willpower to go on diet – she says.

– Once I came to his phone and looked his messages, I found hundreds of secret things in his inbox. I was horrified, but that is what has helped me to transform. Especially when he immediately admitted everything and told me that he do not repent because “I am ugly and I will always be ugly.” I decided that he never let me hurt – says this incredible woman. She immediately asked for a divorce and she turned to herself.


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