After Reading This, You Will Start Sleeping On Your Left Side!

We all know, how much sleeping is important to us, to our health. Improper sleep can affect your health, and it can also weaken your immune system. Surprisingly, very few of you might know this fact that your sleeping position is also affecting your health. Oh yes! It does.

Doctor Johan Douillard has explained in his research, “how sleeping on the left side of your body can save your life” will shock you. 

Don’t panic, keep reading to find out why left side sleeping is best for your health.

Lying on the left side has enormous benefits. But the right side sleep somehow gives you an adverse effect, let’s see how.

Why sleeping is important on left side?

Well, the reason is when you sleep at night on the left side, your lymphatic system that is located above the heart, allows the natural draining to take place in the lymphatic system that helps to filter toxins, lymph fluid and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes.

Sleeping on the right side

Your right side sleep can disturb your digestion in a bad way as when you sleep on the right side, it may cause your lymphatic system to work slowly. Thus, Lymphatic system becomes incapable of filtering toxins or appropriately moving lymph fluid throughout the body and can risk your life.

The Spleen.

One of the major organs in our lymphatic system is ‘Spleen’. It acts as a filter for blood, being a part of the immune system, and also helping the digestive process to work in a proper way.

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