There are few common symptoms for which we can recognize if we have a problem with the liver. But in case where the alcohol is not the cause for the liver disease, meaning that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cannot show some early symptoms. This is representing great concern because increased belly fat in both children and adults can be a cause for the disease.

Some other health issues always come as part of this disease like high level of cholesterol, diabetes, increased level of triglycerides and some cardiovascular issues.

Symptoms like abdominal cramps, nausea, chronic fatigue, impaired thinking, confusion, appearances of bruises and bleeding easily, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Simple blood test or medical examination with ultrasound or even CT check can diagnose potential increase of the liver. But do not relay on this because some of the methods are not 100% accurate.

Biopsy would be the most reliable method for diagnosis. The biopsy can be performed on a small amount of tissues taken from the liver. The examination study goes microscopically.

How to prevent the diseases or how to treat it:

  • Diabetes and high cholesterol levels can be treated with proper medications
  • Los weight slowly with well-balanced diet.
  • Further liver damaging can be done with hepatitis vaccination
  • Consultations with a specialist on regular basis.

What to avoid:

  • Stay away from drugs, alcohol and other supplements which can harm your liver additionally.
  • Raw oysters and shellfish can cause bacterial infection which can be harmful for the people who already have liver disease in advanced stage.

Natural remedy for treating liver disease:

  • 1 cup of chopped basil or you can use parsley as well
  • 3 middle-sizes lemons
  • 5 celery stems
  • 6 cups of fresh water


Squeeze the juice of the lemons. Put the juice in a blender altogether with the parsley or basil and celery stems, than add the water. Blend it for 2-3 minutes or until you obtain a homogenous mixture.


Drink the mixture always on empty stomach. Drink two glasses of the mixture three times a day. Drink the mixture only for two days and then make a pause of seven to ten days, then you can drink the mixture again in the following two days.

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