Foggy car windows are a huge morning issue. This occurs due to condensation when the outside of the car is warmer than the inside. Namely, when this is the case, the humid air inside the car causes condensation on the windows.

This condensation is quite a problem because when the windshield fogs up it impedes the vision and results in difficulties in driving. It commonly occurs in winter due to the cold weather. Moreover, this phenomenon can also occur during the summer when the weather gets cool or when it’s raining.

Furthermore, the usual thing people do in order to solve this issue is lowering the heat or turning on the defroster. However, the best solution is to find a way to eliminate the moisture from the air inside the car.

Therefore, we will present the easiest trick that can stop your car windows from fogging up ever again.

Kitty Litter Against Foggy Car Windows

Things needed:

  • A sock (preferably an old one)
  • Kitty litter (preferably the crystal one)
  • Masking tape


First, widen the sock opening by putting the masking tape from the inside of the sock. This is useful for facilitating an easier way to pour the kitty litter inside the sock. Then, fill in the entire sock with kitty litter and then secure the opening. At the end, place the sock on your car dashboard and keep it during the entire winter.

Additional information:

It is preferable to use crystal kitty litter instead of clumping kitty litter because the second one can make your car a little bit dusty.

However, crystal kitty litter has a distinctive smell which you might not like. As an alternative, you can gather silica packets that are commonly found in shoe boxes or other products.

For this purpose, place the silica packets on the dashboard instead of the sock. Then, when they lose the desirable effect, remove them, heat them up, dry them, and reuse again.

Now that you know the easiest and the best trick to get rid of foggy car windows, enjoy sleeping or resting a little bit more, rather than going outside in a cold weather and clean the windows of your car.

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