What’s Your Personality According To The Way You Hold Your Fist!

Various physical parts of our body can determine our personality. For instance, the hands show numerous information about our lives and can reveal a lot about our personality. One way to analyze the personality is by looking at how we make a fist. Therefore, by analyzing how we curl up our own hands, and where we place our fingers, we can determine some things about our personalities.


Hence, make a fist and check the picture. Decide if you are type 1, 2, or 3.

Type 1

If the fingers are curled around the thumb when you make a fist, you have the following characteristics:

External personality: Enthusiastic, energetic, adventurous, funny, self-ironic, sensitive, strong imagination, great intuition, like to help people, insecure, compassionate.

Internal personality: You like to be treated fairly and to be accepted. Moreover, you are overly nice and you know what to love and what to hate.

Love personality: You are a person who suppresses the emotions and the bad temper for love. However, you won’t be honest and you aren’t good at expressing feelings.

Type 2

If your thumb is on the top when you make the fist, you have the following characteristics:

External personality: You are talented, charming, intelligent, confident and eye-catching, dedicated and hardworking.

Internal personality: You have high expectations, but you are afraid of being hurt and losing. But you only want what is necessary.

Love personality: You tend to struggle with depressing memories and you always hesitate. Additionally, when you love, you love sincerely and nothing else matters to you.

Type 3

If the fist is clenched like a boxer with the thumb tucked in it, you have the following characteristics:

External personality: You are agile, creative, emotional, practical, thoughtful, and sensitive. Also, you are good at manipulating.

Internal personality: You are silent, and you do not let anyone getting hurt. Moreover, all you want is flexibility and people who understand you.

Love personality: You like to be in comfortable environments. You have a soft heart and you forgive easily.


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