This woman knew she had to adopt the body once she saw him. Twenty years later, her life totally changed. We all agree that every child deserves a good parent, but not everyone has that privilege. Luckily, there are some incredible people in the world, like Ingeborg Macintosh for example. She has provided this boy and many other children with a decent life, and years after it paid off. However, it was only Jordan who especially appreciated what she did.

Twenty years after she adopted Jordan, Ingeborg got this terrible news. Doctors told her she has kidney disease, and the only way for her to survive was to get a new kidney. Hearing this, Jordan took some tests right away and decided to become her kidney donor. Yes, you have read well, he agreed to donate his kidney to the woman who raised him.
Jordan’s sacrifice paid off and everything went well. Both Jordan and Ingeborg recovered very soon after the surgery. We are glad that good people still exist on Earth, and Jordan and Ingeborg are living proof. She raised him into a wonderful grown man who appreciated that to the extent that did everything he could to save her life. If you liked this life story, share it on with your friends and family and spread the word about these wonderful people.

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