Read this article we will write about one life story of one young girl. Find out what happened to her, because very easily you can make the same mistake like she did.

An ordinary day she just pass out in her bathroom. After a short time her nails were failing and she started to lose her hair.

The explanation of the doctors was that this was happening because of toxic shock, unusual bacterial illness that is gotten as a result of using tampons.

Besides the very bad condition of her nails, also her skin started to fall. The specialists put her in a condition of artificial coma so she could survive the treatment. After 8 days they woke her and she doesn’t remember anything. She didn’t know who she was and couldn’t recognize even her three girls.

This girl was in terrible physical condition. But the situation was even worse, it seemed like her brain is canceling as she couldn’t finish the sentence, and couldn’t walk. She had to start from the beginning and try to understand all those stuff once more. Her recovery was hard and difficult and lasted for two long years.

Specialists’ warn all young girls and all women to be very careful with the use of tampons. They explain that the tampon can be risky if it isn’t utilized appropriately and that it has to be changed in maximum 8 hours because the blood, warm and sodden environment are perfect for the advancement of unsafe bacteria.

If you utilize tampons in the night, than you don’t need to change it until the morning, since bleeding is poorly when lying down.

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