Magical Drink That Melts the Excess Pounds Overnight

This is the simplest way to reduce weight ever!

If you ever wished for a drink that will help you burn fat while you are reading a book and lying on your bed, you are lucky. Thanks to the healing properties of cinnamon and honey this drink helps in the process of weight reduction and speeds up the metabolism, because even though we are sure that everyone is familiar with the positive effects of honey and cinnamon, not many people know that the combination of these two ingredients is even more effective.

To prepare this drink you will need the following ingredients:
-one tablespoon cinnamon
-two tablespoons honey
-250ml water

You can change the amount if you want to prepare a bigger amount and make supplies, but the ratio of cinnamon to honey should always be 1:2. Prepare the amount of this drink that you think you will need. First boil the water and pour it over the cinnamon. Leave it to cool down, and then add the honey. Because the heat will destroy its medical and nutritional properties when the mixture is cool or lukewarm remember always to add the honey.

Drink ½ of the drink before going to bed, and the other ½ in the morning before breakfast. That’s it! Don’t forget that this drink works only if consumed on empty stomach.

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