My Son Died For This Damn Plant It Is Urgent That Everyone Knows, Kills A Child In 1 Minute And An Adult In 15 !!

A little kid placed a piece of leaf in his mouth and his tongue swelled, causing suffocation. This plant is common in many homes and offices, but is highly dangerous and poisonous, to the point of killing a child in only one minute and an adult in 15 minutes. Touching the plant and bringing them close to your eyes can cause permanent blindness.

The boy’s name is Esteban and he was 5.his mother saw that he was not feeling very well, and she thought that it was due to indigestion r fatigue. However, she started worrying when she noticed that her son started having strange color on his skin and had a great difficulty breathing.

His parents called the ambulance and transferred the boy to a hospital, where he was admitted poisoning emergency. No one was aware what happened and those were moments of great distress. After 1 hour, the boy was dead and the doctor entered the room and asked the mother if there was something he had eaten that caused this condition. She did not know what to say and was in shock. Thus, the doctor requested a blood test and the results showed that there was a large dose of a chemical named calcium oxalate.

This chemical can be found in the plants and is known as Diefenbaker, or Amoena. It has great resistance to be in the shade without the need of sunlight, thus people keep it indoors in their homes and offices. However, you need to be extra cautious especially with children as it has a high rate of poisoning if consumed.

Information from 2006 showed that there were 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants in the USA, and 75% of them were children under the age of 5.

What should be done in cases of consummation of this plant?

The National Library of Medicine of the US recommends that the mouth should be cleaned with a cold and wet cloth, the eyes need to be rinsed and milk should be consumed. Care center should be consulted then.

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