How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Thread In 5 Minutes Or Less

People from long time ago have been using thread to remove hair from eyebrows. This is a clean and fast method, and also the pain is less.

Learn how to do it:

  • Draw the eyebrow shape that you want with a pencil for eyebrows, cut the thread, and tie the ends in a form of a loop;
  • With one hand, hold one portion o the thread and with the other hand, hold the other part; twist the middle part 5-6 times, while keeping one part of the wire tightly; you will get a shape of a n hourglass or infinity; it will have to release and shut this channel, just like scissors; the hair will be removed with the central part of the wire;
  • Place your hands on the eyebrow and position the triangle of the wire in a way that the bristles are in the knot of the thread; pull the opposite direction of the hair growth and close the fingers controlling the triangle around the hair while you open the second hand and making sure that the thread is over your skin; at the beginning, it will seem a bit tricky, but when you learn the technique, it will become a lot easier.

Have you tried it? Was it easy? Let us know how the results were.

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