PE Trainer Loses 150 Pounds In 9 Months And Her Transformation Will Leave You Speechless

Do you need motivation to be fit? Do you have the desire to look hot on your pictures? Then you have to follow the weight loss plan of this woman. She is a PE trainer and unveiled that she lost 55 kg during a course of 9 months after she met the love of her life.


She used to take an energy bar in breakfast with a drink. She consumed a lot of junk food in daytime before the diet and she never ended her days without a dinner, two times each night. She weighed 80 kg and was very chubby. Her weight was not an issue to her boo as they both shared a lot of love for food and were fond n eating unhealthy food. This turned Kate into a 120 kg woman. She said that she ballooned.

She was concerned about her weight. She wanted her boyfriend be apply to see her even though he had no problem about her gaining a lot of weight. But she was worried.

The situation motivated her and made a decision to cut down her weight.

She started controlling her diet and calories.

The kilos dropped from 120 to 65.

Now, she is a PE trainer and does cross-fit workouts for her fitness.

Isn’t her story amazing?!

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