She Lived On 3 Apples A Day For 8 Months, This Is What She Looks Like Now

This girl named Victorie Macon Dauxerre was only 18-years old when a company noticed her. The modelling offer changed her mind of going to a prestigious university for studies. This changes her life.

She was not able to refuse the offer, thus she accepted to become a model. The girl was given a size and was told that she has to fit into that dress by a provided date and she was taken aback. For this reason she went through an unhealthy weight loss process, becoming skinny as hell in an incredible amount of time.

Victorie made a brand out of herself, but by the age of 23 she gave the sparkling life up. There is a book which tells about her experiences in the industry and it is called “Never Skinny Enough: Dairy of a Top Model”. The book presents the dark side of her life as a model as well as the flip side of the luxurious industry. She also worked for Vogue.

The secret about her getting skinny was eating 3 apples a day for whole 8 months. But, is it worth? You better stay healthy and happy.

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