She revealed a SIMPLE SECRET: This is how Kim Kardashian lost 19 kg after giving birth!

Kim Kardashian gained about 19 pounds weight during her second pregnancy, and healthy diet and serious exercising regime are responsible for the obvious slim line she has now.

For her ideal weight (54 kilograms 159 centimeters) reality star has intended to return after the birth of her second child in December last year.

With a moderate diet she lost 19 kilograms accumulated during pregnancy and with a hard workout regime.

She says she ran 6 kilometers every day, crunch exercises, squats and plank exercise that strengthens the entire body, and every day skipped and 1,000 times to skip rope.

Rope skipping is an excellent and inexpensive ‘means’ for the whole body that requires work large muscle groups in the legs and buttocks, and arms. This fantastic activity develops coordination, elasticity of tendons and strengthens the lungs and heart.

Running is a high-intensity exercise that positively affects the heart and blood vessels, and of course with it quickly melts the pounds. Best of all, it does not require a large financial investment, it is enough to wear a tracksuit and sneakers, to get out of the house and run.

Kim advises anyone who wants to lose weight need only to comply with proper nutrition and with these simple exercises pounds disappear as if by magic.

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