The 12 Year Old Britain Girl Was Raped By Her Brother And Got Pregnant…. After 9 Years Reveals Her S

Hard to believe this but it’s true, we all live in a world full of monster-mentality people. How can somebody be so inhumane, and can go to such extent! its really beyond imagination and a reprehensible act. I am having goose bumps while thinking about this act, how can somebody rape her sister? Children feel safest in their family, but if our family members will behave like this, then I don’t think there is any place in this world where they are safe.

Read one such story where a 12-year-old was the victim of delinquent crime.

Meet This Unfortunate Girl

Tressa Middleton (now 21) was very unfortunate since the little age. She has lived with extreme poverty, got raped by her own brother when she was just 12. She also got addicted to drugs and consumed alcohol at an early age. Born to a homeless mother, she was sent in care.

After a year, she turned 9 and returned home in Edinburgh. Due to her alcohol dependency, she was sent back to the care. In 2005, Tressa at the age of 11 returned to her home. That year her life changed completely as she was raped by Jason, her real brother.

The Day She Became Mom

After a few months of the incident, she observed some change in her body. One of her close friends told that she might be pregnant. She went for the pregnancy test and found the result positive. She did not opt to go for abortion. After giving the birth to a baby daughter, Tressa eventually gave her daughter for adoption.

On The Show ITV

After nine years passed away, she gathered courage to reveal the identity of Annie’s dad. Speaking on a television show, she detailed her agonizing time. She also briefed about her new book ‘Tressa: The 12-Year-Old Mum’ where she poured all that she had faced from young age. She has dedicated the book to her daughter Annie. She feels sorry for giving up Annie in care. She says, ‘I just hope one day she does forgive me.’ She further says, ‘I know it’s going to be hard for her when she finds out her uncle is her dad.’

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