Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners claim that every human has a body clock that manages the body functions, it restores and activates different organ functions, and it helps us understand how the energy flows through our bodies

Our bodies go through 24-hour cycle during which different energy flows to different organs. So, if you notice that you wake up at the same time for a longer period, it means that the energy to a certain organ is blocked making it unable to function properly. This results in the interruption of the natural balance.

In shorter words, the time you wake up in indicates which organ is having problems with the energy flow. This is a list of times associated with each organ.

9 am – 11 pm (Triple Warmer Time)

This is the time when most of the people go to sleep. If you are having trouble falling asleep at this time, it could mean that you are stressed and anxious. The organs associated with this period are the thyroid gland and the adrenals. Also, during these two hours the blood vessels enter repair mode so if you feel weak it means that your blood vessels are stressed. To solve this problem try meditating or doing something that relaxes you in order to calm your body and mind.

11 pm – 3 am (Gall Bladder and Liver Time)

This is when the gall bladder gets activated so if you wake up constantly at this time or if you can’t fall asleep it means that your liver does not process waste properly. It could also mean that you should balance fat intake and try to relax during the day as much as possible in order to sleep well at night.

3 am – 5 am (Lung Time)

Coughing during this time could mean a blockage or sadness because this is when the toxic waste from your lungs loosens. To prevent this from happening take deep breaths and make changes in your diet.

5 am – 7 am (Large Intestine Time)

This time is when the large intestine gets activated and it means that you should let go and release control. This organ is very important because it removes the toxic waste so if you wake up at these hours it could be a sign of weakness in this area or emotional blockage. It could also mean that you feel guilt so you need to consume plenty of water and relax to let go of any negative emotions you feel.

7 am – 9 am (Stomach Time)

Waking up at these hours means that your stomach is cold or you are hungry. It also indicates a feeling of despair and disgust. To prevent this consume ginger tea and include more healthy food in your diet.

9 am – 11 am (Pancreas/Spleen Time)

The most important digestive organ is the spleen so if it is deficient you are likely to wake up at this time. It could also be a sign that you worry too much or you are having self-esteem issues, but it is also a sign of jealousy and over thinking.

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