Connect The Thumb and Little Finger! Do You See These Tendon Muscle? Here is The SPECIAL Meaning!

Appendix or tonsils are some of the parts of the body without which we practically live. But our ancestors in the distant, past and how they served. These leftovers from our distant past called rudimentary structures and open really fascinating topic.

 connect-the-thumb-and-little-finger-do-you-see-these-tendon-muslce-here-is-the-special-meaningIf you do not have that muscle, do not worry because it does not work on your strength of your hands.

-The tendon in your wrist

Place your hand on the table with palms upwards. Connect the little finger and thumb together and raise a little the fist. For some people, the tendons will be very visible, while others will not.

The reason for this is the palmaris longus tendon muscle. This muscle is located between the upper arm and wrist. Although the muscle movements of the wrist, in the modern age are no longer needed that is why it is not visible more and in 13 percent of today’s society.

Interestingly, if you do not have this muscle it does not affect the strength and has no adverse effects, except visually

-The pink point in the corner of your eye

Have you ever wondered why at the corner of the eye there is a pink point? Although almost all have this point, it nowadays has no function, but it is characteristic of the so-called third eyelid. Usually seen in reptiles when their eyes are closed and you can see it as a protective layer for the eye. Although no longer depend on the protection of the third eyelid when we emerged lashes, however we have left this memorial evolution.

-Wiggling ears

Nowadays ears wiggle is just a trick and making jokes, but sometimes it had a very important function. When you do that, you could improve your hearing and people are able to locate sounds in their environment and recognize danger better. It is characteristic for cats.

-Wisdom tooth

Whether you are one of those who had to remove a wisdom tooth? Then you are probably cursed and wonder what their purpose when they only appear to bother. The answer lies in the past. Long ago people ate more grass roots and have more to chew on. As our food became softer and lighter, our jaw became smaller because it was not needed. Most monkeys and primates have no longer wisdom teeth, but gorillas (which are vegetarians) still have them.

-Getting goose

If we have a cold or simply for something make us goose bumps on the skin appear dots and our hair literally standing upright. But, why? When people have had their fur goosing had its real function. When the hair is up it is stored more heat, and if we are in danger and scare, so we looked bigger and more dangerous for potential attackers. This can be noticed in domestic cats and many other animals.

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