Eliminate Gastritis And Heartburn Forever With This Natural Remedy Which Also Protects The Intestinal Flora!

People suffering from gastritis know what difficulties they have. However, here we will show you some natural remedies which you can solve this problem.

Rice water

Rice water is very healthy, and is especially beneficial for the digestive system. Take a liter of water, boil rice and let it cool. When cool, transfer to a bottle and drink 2 times a day and you will get rid of the symptoms of gastritis.

Parsley water

Parsley carries many anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body (diuretics). Put a handful of parsley in a liter of water and make tea. Drink the tea during the day.

Juice of carrot and celery

Take 2 carrots and mix with celery and put a little water. Put everything in a blender and make juice.

Apple and chamomile

Take an apple, peel it, then put it in a cup of chamomile with water and cook. Drink this potion in the morning.

Ginger and pear

Make a tea of ginger and pear, drink it, and you will get rid of the symptoms of heartburn and gastritis.

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