The terms body type must associate you to how we look on the outside. Simply, it is more than just that. The type means how we eat, what we eat and what we avoid and how the body reacts to that. Each individual has different genetic traits. Once somebody establishes their body type, they can then adjust nutrient intake to maximize body composition and health-related goals.

But there are main 3 kinds of bodies which narrow down the diet and workouts you need. It is rare to find a person whose body type falls completely into one of these groups. Most of us share a mix of these genetic traits.


This person is slim and thin and has skinny limbs and boney look. From all three body types, Endomorphs are known in the fitness world as the “fat retainers”. As an Endomorph you will always struggle to lose weight and will have to pay much more attention to what you eat and how you exercise because you are genetically prone to store fat easily.



Mesomorphs have a medium sized bone structure and athletic body, and if they’re active, they usually have a considerable amount of lean mass. They have a lot of growth testosterone hormone and they have muscle gains fast and little body fat. Many explosive athletes like wrestlers and gymnasts fit these criteria. As a Mesomorph, you should eat 3 smaller meals favoring foods high in quality protein (whey, turkey, chicken, lean beef, eggs) and complex carbohydrates (leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables).


Of the three body types, the naturally skinny Ectomorphs put on weight the hardest – whether muscle mass or body fat.An endomorph often has a sluggish metabolism and must be particularly careful with their diet. They eat fats and proteins and little carbs, only post workout.

As you can see, you don’t need to take a body type test to identify your type. Just follow the guidelines above and losing weight won’t be a struggle!If you are active or workout, you can tolerate the carbs well. If you want to exercise more, make food by yourself with lots of carbs.

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