Women’s Dying Wish Is To Warn Everyone About The Fatal Disease She Got From Her Hobby

Some people just can’t wait for summer and they want to get a head start on their tans. Many will turn to tanning salons to darken their skin.
Ashley believed it was better to be tan than anything else.

Ms. Trenner used to go to tanning beds to darken her natural skin tone. At age 33 she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma (skin cancer that spreads throughout the rest of the body).

At age 40, she became terminally ill. Tanning is presented as an innocent and fun experience, something that will make you more beautiful, and young women are targeted in particular by advertisements for tanning.

Now? As she sits in the hospital, her opinion has definitely changed.

It’s not worth it. Your life isn’t worth a bronze tan. When you second-guess that, when you think it won’t happen to you, think of Ashley’s story.

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