If You See Somebody With This Red String Tattoo, THIS Is What It Means

Our skin is a canvas for tattoos. Some get them for aesthetic reasons, but some choose tattoos for their meanings. During the past years there was a growing trend of making a red string tattoo which has a meaning which might speak to your inner romantic soul.


The inspiration of this wrap around the pinky comes from a time-honored East Asian legend which insists that the gods tie an invisible and unbreakable red string around the pinky which connects you to your soul mate. According to the legend, everybody has this string of fate which will always connect you to your soul mate no matter how long is the distance between you two. No matter what course this string takes, there won’t be anything which will break it. This red string of fate ties 2 people forever and they are both bonded by destiny. This legend has been proven to be appealing for lots of people as this tattoo has become a growing trend.

The tattoo is an adorable expression of love for two people who believe that they have found their soul mates, and also for the romantic who believe that their love is still out there. The red string of fate can get tangled or become stretched across a distance, but will not break.

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