This Is What Will Happen If You Leave Your Feet Wrapped in Aluminum Foil for an Hour

At first, you might be skeptic about it, but the use of aluminum foil goes beyond wrapping of food, i.e. it actually has medicinal properties. Namely, it is believed that neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain can be successfully treated if you wrap the painful area with aluminum foil. The pain will go away shortly because the energy which flows in our organism in the biological active point comes back on the meridian, from where it originates.

This method of wrapping the painful area with aluminum foil has been practiced by the Chinese and Russians for centuries and this method is also described in the works of Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

What you need to do

Cut a piece of aluminum foil and then wrap the painful area with it. Attach it with a bandage and leave it overnight. Do this for 12 days and then make a pause of 2 weeks. If needed, you can repeat the treatment.

This is not all; namely, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aluminum foil can treat cold symptoms. You just need to wrap the feet in foil in 5 to 7 layers, and put paper or cotton between each layer. Leave the foil for an hour and then remove it. After 2 hours, do the same. Do the same procedure for 7 days.

According to Russian scientist A.V. Skvortsov, the special energy-structuring resources are used in the procedure of healing, like products of aluminum foil. Hence, the organism has specific stem cells that interact with the energy field of the Earth. This field can become deformed because of numerous reasons, and disrupt the energy supply to the stem cells. The foil works by reflecting the energy field of the Earth and magnifying it many times like a magnifying glass and thus, it restores the disruption between the cells and the energy field.

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