I’m one of those girls who said that: I wish periods never existed. That’s true.

But not having periods is also a big problem itself. A woman’s menstrual cycle is a regular part of her life. Periods could last anywhere from three to seven days. Most of us hate this cycle because of the unpleasant odor, cramping, back discomforts and headaches.

What if I tell you, that you can end your periods in just three days. Yes, in just three days. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps. I am sure this will help you a lot.

You will feel more energetic.

1. Drink plenty of water

You should drink a lot of water while on periods. This will reduce cramps and bloating during menstruation. But, how much to drink daily can be a bit confusing. Here’s a little weight-based formula:

1. Get your current weight and divide by two.

2. Get that number and drink that many ounces of water a day.

3. If you weigh 110 pounds, you should drink 55 ounces of water a day.

2. Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea is an amazing uterine toner due to the presence of an alkaloid that allows the uterus to contract more powerfully. Minus contractions, minus straining and minus effort from the muscles, so, there’s less cramping.

3. Chasteberry

Chasteberry is also known as “the women’s herb” and it’s fruit as well as the seed is used as medicine. It also controls a women levels of prolactin, one of the hormones that triggers periods. It can be found in tea form and should be taken three times a day for best results. Another herb such as Chasteberry, which affect your menstrual cycle, is ginger that can reduce the duration of your period to three days.

4. Dark Chocolate

Yum, the most easiest and yummiest way to shorten your periods. Eating a piece of dark chocolate every day will help soothe cravings. Dark chocolate has helpful antioxidants and also boosts serotonin, which can heal your mood rapidly.

5. Foods that are natural blood thinners

Blood thinners increase the flow of blood, and also increases the chance of passing clots during your period. Listed below are the foods that are natural blood thinners:

1. Spinach 2. Cauliflower 3. Cranberries

6. Don’t Eat Too Much Salt

Nutritionists suggest a diet with 2,300 milligrams a day or roughly one teaspoon. And the best way to control salt intake is to avoid processed and fast foods.

7. Exercise Daily

It is must to perform a regular exercise routine, as it will help in reducing period cramps and also shorten your period.

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