If Your Tongue Looks Like This You Should Immediately Go To The Doctor

The condition of our organs denote the conditions of our health. This also applies for the tongue. It serves for taste and to speak and its shape, colour and smell are indicators of our health.

Smooth and pink tongue

This means your general health is good. Your tongue is pink and smooth and it has small bumps on top called papillae which serve you in tasting food.

Map-like tongue

This may indicate that you are sensitive to flavours such as spices or even toothpaste. This is due to genetics and it’s not a serious condition.

White lines on the tongue

This is called oral lichen planus and may be uncomfortable, itchy, may cause sensitivity. You can avoid alcohol and tobacco since there is no cure for it.

Yellow coating

This indicates you have fungal infection caused by weak immune system and it appears in young people and children or if you wear braces. Consult a doctor to cure this problem.

 Sores or blisters on your tongue

This happens when you bite your tongue or eat hot food. If it doesn’t disappear in a week you must consult a doctor to confirm it’s not due to cancer.

White coating

This is not serious since it’s caused due to alcohol or bad hygiene. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue to get rid of it.

Tongue fissures

In rare case this indicates Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, but in most cases it’s just something you get as you get older.

Wavy indentations

It’s usually children that have this in which case it’s not serious but if an adult has this they need to consult a doctor.

Red and flashy

This can be due to vitamin b12 and folic acid deficiency according to a study at the Cleveland clinic in Ohio, USA. To cure it take a lot of supplements.

Black coating

This is caused by bacteria from poor oral hygiene. In some cases it can be due to antibiotics or diabetes.

By keeping a good oral hygiene and taking enough supplements these problems should be resolved.

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