The Fastest Cure For Chronic Coughs And Bronchitis: “Pull Off” Your Disease With A Super-Wrap Made From Cabbage Leaves And Honey!


If you suffer from chronic coughs you can try curing this problem with a home remedy that consists of cabbage leaves and honey since drugs can sometimes prove inefficient.

All you have to do is boil some cabbage leaves till they get soft and warm. Then put honey on the sides of the leaves and put them on the affected area. Do this at night. Just to be safe add a layer of nylon and wear a scarf. Do the same if you suffer from severe coughs only make sure you add another layer on your back.

Once you have removed the layers use a damp cloth to clean the area from any leftovers.

You should do this a week in total to get rid of chronic cough. If the bronchitis is in early stage you can eliminate it with only 1 treatment.

Cough and inflammation are eliminated when the ingredients from the cabbage and honey work together under heat. If you want you can alternate between honey and warm castor oil.

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