Did You Know The Number Of Times You Pee Indicates How Healthy You Are – And There Is One More Thing …..

Even though it may not seem much important, but the number of times you pee actually determines how hydrated you are.

The assistant professor of urology at the Mount Sinai’s Hospital’s NYC, Dr. Neil Grafstein explains about the urine related questions.

As a matter of fact, if we drink too much water, we pee more often. In addition to that, if we consume alcohol, coffee or some other bladder irritants, it is expected to go to the bathroom more often. Some people have more sensitive bladders and in other words that mean that they have the urge to pee at the slightest urge. On the other hand, some people can hold their pee until their bladders are about to burst.


According to experts, that is possible. Namely, if you pee more than 11 times daily, and if you drink 2 liters of fluid, this could indicate certain problem with pee frequency. At some people, too often visit of the toilet is resulted by overactive bladder, which probably is contracting more than it is necessary. The result of this is feeling the urge to pee too many times.

As Dr. Grafstein explains, people can train their bladder. The condition is that people actually don’t have incontinence problems.


People pee more often over time, as they get older.

Unless it starts to hurt, holding of the pee isn’t bad

Still, habitually holding of the pee may increase the risk of bladder infections.

Pee color which is considered as normal is see-through yellow.

Certain types of foods may have impact and change the color of the pee. For example, eating blackberries can change it to pink.

Asparagus will make your pee foul-smelling.

The pee is consisted of 95% water.

The sweet-smelling urine indicates diabetes

It is considered that average stream of pee is about 7 seconds.

As people grow older their urine stream becomes weaker.

In order to avoid sleep disruption from the urge to pee, you should avoid to drink fluids before you go to bed.

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