A stroke is a condition when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted and while it happens your brain is at risk of suffering from permanent damage and it can even be deadly. If you know these 8 signs of a stroke you can recognize if you or someone is experiencing it so that you can act immediately.

The 8 signs of stroke

  1. Intense headache or migraine

Unbearable headache that lasts too long can be a sign of a stroke. You should seek medical help if you are experiencing such headache.

  1. Extreme fatigue

Sudden and extreme fatigue that happens for no apparent reason could also be a sign that you are having a stroke.

  1. Problems with vision in one eye

During stroke, it is very common to experience double or blurred vision in one eye.

  1. Problems thinking

While you are experiencing stroke, your brain is deprived from oxygen which leads to confusion and problems while thinking.

The signs that are clearly indicating that you are having a stroke are symbolized by F.A.S.T. They are explained below

  1. Face drooping on one side

The facial muscles become weak and may appear to droop.

  1. Arm numbness

If you feel weakness or numbness for several minutes in just one arm it is a serious sign indicating a stroke.

  1. Speech difficulty

If people around you can’t understand what you are saying and you find it hard to talk it could mean that you are having a stroke.

  1. Time

If you notice that you or someone around you is having a stroke call 911 as soon as possible because waiting too long could cost that person a life.

How to prevent stroke

Sometimes a person who already had one stroke experiences another one after. To reduce the risk of that happening to you follow these steps:

  • Eat more seafood
  • Reduce red meat, poultry and eggs intake
  • Reduce sodium, fats, sugars and refined grains intake
  • Include more vegetables and nuts in your diet
  • Stop smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce alcohol consumption

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