Many people tend to crack their fingers in order to relax or for no apparent reason. In this article, we will show you whether that habit is good or not. Our joints contain synovial fluid that acts as a lubricant. According to some scientists, the cracking is caused by small air bubbles that are present in the fluid. Nevertheless, this year it has been discovered that this theory is completely incorrect.

The scientists decided to make an X-ray which will show how cracking of the fingers actually looks like.

In order to be able to understand well, you should definitely watch the video bellow, especially at 0:44 seconds of the video which will show you how does the cracking of the fingers looks like. The best part is that the scientists have discovered that you can’t damage or break something while cracking your fingers.

The study conducted in 2016 confirmed the same, and it included 215 people from 59 to 80 years old. These individuals were observed for 5 years, and at last, the researchers have found that there was no link between the “cracking” fingers and arthritis, as was previously believed.

This means you have nothing to worry about.

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