One of the most popular and effective diets nowadays is the 80/20 formula which represents a lifestyle change, but is not a strict diet regimen. This rule is 20% consumption of your favorite food, and 80% of healthy foods, allowing you 3 indulgence meals a week if you have 3 meals daily. The rule also allows you 7 smaller meals a week if you have small meals per day. This diet actually understands the impossibility of maintaining 100% health diet plan.

It is all about balance

You should cook the meals at home in which way you will have awareness and control of all the ingredients. The calorie regulation is eliminated from the diet and the possibility of enjoying is always available. There are no limitations in the rule, as opposed to other diets and plans for effective weight loss.

It is a common case that the diet plan practitioners end up cheating due to the prohibited products are too appealing. You can keep a healthy lifestyle by listening and indulging your carvings. In this way you will raise the quality of your life and you will eliminate stress to keep to a consistent perfection.

This is more effective diet regimen than any other and works perfectly for you if you exercise and maintain healthy habits. You will be able to maintain healthier standards and achieve results in a short period of time. This diet plan will improve your overall health and melt extra pounds.

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