These 13 Signs Indicate That You Have a High Risk of Cancer!

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, with more than millions of lives lost yearly. Even though doctors and experts constantly warn about habits that increase the chances of cancer, we continue ignoring them. However, we need to pay more attention if we want to stay healthy and cancer-free.

There are cases when a person might have cancer but not be aware of it. For that purpose, we’ve made a list of the most common symptoms that you may experience:

  • Fatigue and weakness– if you’ve been feeling tired even though you sleep and rest enough, you should consult your physician.
  • Blood in the stool– if you notice blood in your stool, you need to consult your physician as this may be a symptom of colorectal cancer.
  • Swollen face- if you suffer from lung cancer, your face might blush or swell since the lungs begin blocking the blood vessels in the chest. As a consequence, the blood doesn’t circulate normally through the head and this leads to inflammation.
  • Back pain- this may be a symptom of breast or liver cancer since the tumor may be pressing back the breasts or it has spread onto the ribs and spine.
  • Nipple changes- if you notice any changes in your nipples you should consult your physician since a lot of cancer patients have reported changes in the shape of their nipples prior to their diagnosis.
  • Loss of appetite– if your appetite has reduced and if you feel full without the need to eat, you should consult your doctor.


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