The story of Emma Sealey of the English town of Redich is a truly amazing one. Years ago, Emma was so overweight that it interfered with her daily routines, and she couldn’t even tie the seat belt in her car. Thanks to her diet and hard work, Emma weight 125 kg. less today, and most importantly, she achieved this without surgical procedure. Emma thought that she would not live until 40 because of her weight, which was 181 kg. at the time. But, thanks to this amazing method, her life has completely changed!

When the problem became too much to handle, Emma decided to try a natural method for losing way despite the pleas of her family to visit a doctor or get a ring implant in her stomach. At the time, she wore number 36 clothes, but in just two years, she has replaced all her clothes with new ones, as her weight scale now shows an amazing 56.7 kg.!

Emma said that she was disgusted with herself, and even walking to her car presented a tough challenge for her. She started gaining weight in her childhood because of a tragic experience. Emma’s closest friend died, and unable to cope with the grief, she found comfort in food. After it became a serious problem, Emma visited a doctor, and was put to a scale immediately. Even without the doctors saying anything, she knew that she had to lose weight quick or she wouldn’t live up to her 40th birthday. With the help from a few local advisers, Emma began to throw away all the bad stuff from her usual diet.

Before starting the diet, Emma ate nothing for breakfast, sausages, cheese and onion for lunch, and chicken with curry and rice for dinner. Her favorite snack was chocolate.

What did she begin to eat?

The weight loss regime went like this: for breakfast, she had cereal with skimmed milk; for lunch, she had tuna with some black bread and for dinner she usually ate fresh vegetables or boiled fish. She replaced the chocolate with healthy snacks such as apples, pears. strawberries and oranges.

In the start, she was losing 6 kg. a month. Besides the diet, Emma started exercising with a personal trainer and went cycling or running occasionally.

After losing 125 kg., Emma says that she regained confidence and is very proud of herself. Now she can see herself in the mirror without feeling disgusting.

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