Dog Runs Away Each Day. When Mom Finds Out Where She Goes? She’s In Tears!


Doctors told her that the baby Danny was having developmental delays. Dixie, the mom of two adopted kids, didn’t give the matter much of a thought. His smile was simply wonderful and that was enough for Dixie.

While his motor skills were off, potty training was a struggle, and speech was fragmented, things were indeed a challenge yet Dixie and husband Edward gave Danny everything he needed in order to be happy. Everything, that is, except one thing – a dog! This was simply something the couple would not give in with.

But then something happened.

Dennie, a nearby neighbor, was a dog trainer who specialized in training search dogs. Saki was the current dog she was training, and everyday she would attempt to try to sneak out of the yard. Finally, one day she actually succeeded.

Saki was found across the street. She was playing with Danny. From that moment forth, this would be a daily routine for Saki. For some reason she sensed the boy needed her. And then it was clear as Danny said his first sentence. It was complete and not fragmented. He said, “I am Saki’s daddy.” He not only began speaking, he became potty trained, and he was coordinated enough now to throw a ball!

Saki finished up her training and was slated to be shifted over to the rescue organization. At this point Dixie was begging Dennie to please ask the organization if it was at all possible for them to keep Saki. Naturally the organization said no as much was put into Saki’s training already. But Dennie told them that they should probably come out and see this situation themselves. Indeed, representatives showed up. They saw how Saki’s presence alone completely transformed Danny.

They would then make their final decision.

Naturally, it was YES! After seeing what they saw they couldn’t deny the child this companionship which had totally transformed him.

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