I Followed This 10 Minute Beauty Hack For 7 days. My Husband Complimented My Skin Like Never Before

We all want to look beautiful but I never thought it was so easy

I follow few very easy steps and my skin is looking flawless and beautiful in just 7 days

Step 1 – Exfoliate

The most important part is to remove dead skin layer

For this you will need

Brown and white sugar
Aloe vera gel

Mix them and use this as natural scrub

Step 2 – You will need

Castor oil
Eye brow brush

With help of brush apply some castor oil on your eyebrows and eye lashes to get thick hair growth

Step 3

You will need

Aloe vera gel
Vitamin E capsule

Mix them and your night cream is ready
Apply this on your face before going to bed

Step 4

Apply vitamin E oil every night on your lips

Step 5

Apply aloe vera gel on hair ends and they will never split


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