Boost Up The Metabolic Functions With Massage Of These 4 Points For Acupuncture (Video)

The best way to lose extra weight or improve metabolism is to have a good healthy diet with fruit and veggies, NO junk fast food and preservatives, A LOT of water and have workouts regularly for a healthy body overall. If you are into healthy life already and need extra boost for better metabolism, try acupuncture.

The acupuncture is a method of the Chinese medicine popular for many centuries back. They believe that the energy or chi (qi) goes like a flow through the body on paths named meridians.  These professionals think that an illness happens if something blocks the chi or makes imbalance. If you improve the flow of the chi, all the organs will work better and you get a greater amount of nutrients from the food.

The Chinese medicine sees the metabolism like a smooth movement of nice energy in the body, called CHI-QI. Some foods even are good for the boost of chi – yams, grains or seafood.

By the Chinese medical theories the chi flows through our body meridians, so every meridian is a match for each organ. These meridians have separate pressure points and massage to every such point with a gentle, circular small motion, unblocks a blocked chi path and thus tension leaves the body part. The chi is free to move by these pressure points. So, because of this acupuncture is thought to relieve the body and help each organ work better, resulting in weight loss and good metabolism.

The acupuncture helps in leveling the obesity hormones and suppress appetite so you crave less. The dangerous weight gain hormones, cortisol and insulin are under control with this method. To get more energy, focus on these points:


on the spot on the upper lip and under the nose, massage daily. This removes anxiety and curbs appetite. Important to know if you are an emotional eater or overeat.

2. ARM

This point is on the elbow, from the side where the crease elbow ends. If you massage it, you decrease too much body heat and improve instantly digestive aches. Massage counterclockwise and release anger too.

3. LEG

Take the right hand/palm and touch the left knee. Focus on the spot between the ring finger and the end of the pinky finger. You will notice a dent, the location of the Zu San Li point. This point is often pressed in acupuncture to improve digestion and eliminate inflammation. DO NOT overwork it though.

4. EAR

For boost of metabolic work, massage near the ear, in front of the ear canal, with your thumb. Put the finger on the frontal ear part and open the mouth to find this spot easier. When the mouth opens, there will be a dent near the ear for easier spotting. This improves the work of the small intestine.


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