Just Rs.4 Per Day And Your Skin Will Always Look Younger

Today i will tell you some very effective remedies that will make your skin to look always younger.


All ingredients used in these remedies are easily available at our home, you need to buy just one ingredient that is available at every pharmacy shop and that is Vitamin E capsule that will not cost you more than Rs. 4

In morning you can try honey and vitamin E face mask

Take the natural honey. Take 1 vitamin E capsule and make it as fine powder then mix with a spoon of honey. Make it as smooth gel. Apply this on the face. It makes your skin glow and beautiful.

In night before going to bed if you have any night cream, just add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule and apply it on your face

If you do not have any night cream, take some aloe vera gel, add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule and use this as night cream


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