My Mom Gave Me 1 Glass Of This Drink Every Morning. It Was Not So Tasty But In Just 1 Month I Lost 15 Kgs Without Exercise

Today I am going to share recipe of 1 weight loss drink that will remove all extra pounds from your body without any strict diet plan and exercise

To prepare this weight loss drink you will need:


  • Kalonji (Black seeds) powder:1/4 tsp
  • Black pepper(sabot kaali mirch):3-4 freshly powdered
  • Lemon: juice from half slice
  • Luke Warm Water:1 glass
  • Honey: to taste



    Add all the ingredients in lukewarm water. Mix well with a spoon and drink instantly before breakfast or when you just wake up. If you think you cannot gulp a whole glass of water, you can take less volume like half glass. Be sure to add pure honey in your drink as most commercially available honey contains extra sugar.

    Make sure your drink it early morning when your stomach is empty

    Some tips for fast weight loss with this drink:

    Drink more water

    Avoid junk food

    You can take sugar and salt but amount should be in your control

    Do spot walking. If you do not have time to go for brisk walking, do spot walking. For example you can walk while watching T.V or cooking

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