Watch This Tiger Intercept A Leopard And Save This ZooKeeper From A Bad Day



The life of a zookeeper isn’t always glitz and glam like they make it appear to be in the movies; you’ve seen them, they show a couple minutes of hard work from our protagonist and then all of a sudden there’s a deep bonding moment with him and the animals, then it’s all easy after that – sunshine and rainbows.

That’s never going to be the case, a good zookeeper will definitely share those bonds but they’ll always have their hands full with something or other, don’t fall into the Hollywood lies! Even after you’ve befriended the animals they can still turn on you for seemingly no reason whatsoever, but if you’re really lucky that won’t even matter in the first place.

Meet Eduardo Serio, one of the zookeepers running The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City. He was out playing around with some of the lions when a jaguar began stalking towards him as though he were prey. You can barely notice it in the video, and there’s no way he could have seen or heard it coming – it’s extremely quiet! Luckily for him a tiger named Aztlan *was* paying attention, and decided that was a man who needed protecting… The tiger directly attacked the leopard right as it was pouncing towards Serio!

You’ve either got to have the luck of the gods or a VERY good relationship with your animals for them to protect you like that, so I expect he could use this as an excuse to ask for a raise if anything…

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