For Years This Woman Suffered From Terrible Pain In The Heels Of Her Feet. As A Last Resort She Went To A Chiropractor And Something Unbelievable Happened.


People should definitely start taking proper care of their feet because they get a tough workout every single day, and the worst part is that we tend to squeeze them into badly-fitting shoes, thus causing more harm. As a result of all this, we can experience plantar fasciitis which is a chronic swelling of the tendons on the bottom of the foot.

The people who suffer the most from this issue are athletes such as soccer, tennis and basketball players since they put an extreme strain on their feet when running or jumping.

Nevertheless, people who lead sedentary lifestyle can also suffer from plantar fasciitis because wearing high heels also triggers certain foot problems. The first sign of this condition is sharp pain which after a several months becomes more frequent and starts to occur even when the foot is in a resting position.

Luckily, plantar fasciitis can be treated with certain medications, stretching exercises, training routine and special shoe insoles.

Dr. DeFabio, a chiropractor and orthopedist has developed a new form of treatment according to whom plantar fasciitis can be treated very easily. The key is to reduce the swelling in the first place and after that to nurture and strengthen the calf muscles.

According to him, people should use a massage roller stick in order to perform the treatment. The best part is that you can find it easily and you can use it in the comfort of your home.

It should also be mentioned that Dr. DeFabio uses the “Graston Technique” in his practice. He explains that this technique involves a steel instrument which is supposed to break down scar tissue, adhesions, to lengthen the tissue, and, in terms of plantar fasciitis, to create elasticity and to draw blood into the area. In order for the instrument to glide, he uses a lotion which lubricates the skin.

After that, Dr. DeFabio uses a special tape names “Kinesio Tape” which is a large tape wrapped around the heel and reaches to the toes.

In order to put more pressure on the heel, the smaller tape is stuck to the large tape.

In order to get rid of the pain, the tape should be left on for 3-5 days.

You can watch Dr. DeFabio in action in this video:

If your chiropractor doesn’t know this technique, make sure to show him the technique of Dr. DeFabio, because it could mean the difference between quick and painless cure or an expensive and painful surgery.

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