Vagina is delicate place that is quite defenseless to certain diseases and bacterial infections. When it comes to taking care about the intimate area, gynecologists explain that using soap for washing the region is not good idea. Use of carious chemicals can be extremely harmful for the delicate skin in the private area. Use of various soaps can cause occurrence of certain diseases due to sudden drop of the pH of vagina. Namely, experts explain that vagina has its own particular cleaning system that works with the assistance of living beings and greasing up liquid.

In case if the vaginal pH drops, the good bacteria (lactobacilli) that keeps your vagina free of contaminations bite the dust, making space for other sickness making overgrowth of the bad bacteria that causes odor, irritation and even infection.

Along these lines, instead of investing in vaginal washes, we are going to present you characteristic cure that will help keep your genitals spotless and solid, without the reactions of soap.

Lemon and its leaves have compound called limonene that make it an extremely strong anti­infection, antimicrobial and a hostile to hypersensitive specialists which are very successful in fight against a organism that causes a condition called thrush or candidiasis. Additionally, this wash is extremely efficient for treatment of conditions like vaginitis, tingling, foulsmell and leucorrhea. It also aids in keeping the pH of the vagina and keeps it sound and clean.

How to use it:

You will need about 10 delicate lemon leaves. First wash them well and then smash them and add them to one glass of water. Heat up the water with leaves until the water changes shading to a greenish tone. Once it cools strain this decoction. Use this liquid to wash your reproductive organs. Avoid use of cleanser and if you feel uncomfortable, flush off the solution with plain water.


Make sure to check if the water is hot before you use it.

It is highly advisable to check if you are oversensitive to the blend and utilize.

Visit medical expert before you use this liquid.

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