During this period, women are too emotional and getting out of bed is really difficultwith cramps and other hormonal issues.

Read this article and find out which thing you should not do while your period:

Go to bed without a tampon or pad

This actually is not strange at all. In case if you feel uncomfortable with tampon, pads are great substitute. If you go to bed without wearing traditional pads and tampons, you will ruin your bed.

Wearing the same protection for the entire day

Compromising with your hygiene is never a great idea. You should be aware that wearing same protection for the entire day can cause the bacteria to produce bad odor or even rashes in some cases.

Get a wax

There are several studies that have proved that women experience more pain when they are on their periods. The explanation why is that so, is due to the hormonal changes and high level of estrogen level. So, our advice is to plan your wax at least one week before or after the periods.

Stay up all night

Experts explain that you will feel better if you go to bed early, even if it takes you a while to fall asleep.

Sit at all

You will feel much better if you lie down, so try to avoid sitting down at all. For example, when you watch television you can lie on the couch, lie in the tub when you must get clean and always lie down in your bed, for the whole day if you can.

Watch Depressing Movies

As a result of the hormonal changes, the mood swing becomes too frequent. During their periods, women start experiencing happiness, sadness, anger and insecurity in the matter of minutes. So, during this time when you are not quite stable emotionally, try not to watch at least depressing movie.

Get out of bed

There is no reason why you should get out of bed, right? You feel horrible, and there is no person who wants to deal with the emotional outbursts. Just stay in bed and sleep, surf on the Internet and do something relaxing.

Wear white pants

Although white or light colored pants are your favorite, you definitely should avoid wearing these pants during periods. Keep in mind that any stain can ruin your favorite pants and your entire day.

Trying to pretend that you are not in period

It is interesting that when women are on period, and pretend that they are not, they actually start behaving very differently. Because of that many people around you think that there is something wrong with you.

Binge eat

Even when you are not on your period, overeating is really bad idea. You should be aware that you will experience even more bloating, and although your period will leave in a few days, all that extra sugar, fat and calories simply – won’t.

Eat tons of chocolates

You should not believe all of the clichés you hear. You should not stuff yourself with chocolate, just because you’re on your period as it is not going to make you feel any better. You can eat few candy bars, but don’t go crazy.

Eat fast food

If you don’t leave your house, you will avoid all drive thru places that just contain loads of fried food, which at the end will make you to feel even worse.

Start arguments

Another important thing you should avoid is arguing. In case you start a fight there is chance to say things that really don’t mean to say that will just hurt the other person and you’ll probably regret it after.

Use phones

During this emotional period of the month, it is possible to call your ex and try to get back with them because being alone can be hard. This along with your emotions will make it even worst.

Take a shower

It is highly recommended to take a shower when you feel horrible. That will make your mind and your body feel really amazing.


While you are at your period, running is one of the worst ideas. During the period many women feel bloated so burning extra calories won’t be all that beneficial. Our advice is to avoid running.

Exercise in any way

Women feel bloated because you’re on your period. When that week ends you will feel sexy again.

Do housework

There is perfect explanation why you can’t do anything around the house. You probably feel miserable so you can clean the mess when you feel more like yourself.

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