This Popular Food Causes Diabetes , Heart Disease And Stroke!

Many people are aware that ramen instant noodles are not healthy but still there are individuals who are denying that they can harm their health. They are quite cheap so most of the college kids consume instant noodles.

Did you know that eating ramen and instant noodles every day could lead to heart attacks? Yes! Not only do they ruin your health and lead you to death but also cause several other life threatening diseases that could take over your life any day. Ramen and instant noodles are also one of the biggest reasons why so many people are obese today. You can find out more about them in this post!


Ramen noodles are proven to contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ,). It is a food additive and a byproduct of the petroleum industry which is used in preserving cheap processed food.

A gastrointestinal specialist used lapse video inside the stomach to see what will happen after two hours of consuming instant noodles. The results were devastating.

Unlike homemade noodles, the processed noodles were not digested properly. This prevents nutrient absorption and also in this way the preservatives stay longer in the stomach before they end up in the intestines and are eliminated.

What’s Bad About Instant Noodles?

They are made of wheat flour, palm oil, sugar and salt. But they also contain artificial flavoring and color. Their flavored packets contain powdered salt, seasonings, sugar and monosodium glutamate.

We all know that artificial colors and flavors destroy our body and so the high sodium content and processed wheat are only cherry on top of this delicious bowl of food.

Instant noodles contain over 2,700 mg of sodium.

This product may be delicious and cheap but you should avoid it for good especially if you want to preserve your heart and overall health.


South Korea is familiar by the high number of instant noodle consumers in the world. A research conveyed in this country showed that in 11,000 individuals those who consumed more instant noodles were more prone to diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome. So pay more attention to what your family and children consume. Try to prepare homemade food like homemade paste or snacks.

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